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Rooftop Putting Greens Catching On at Luxury Hotels

The owner of the hotel says that the rooftop lounge is becoming very popular and expected among guests and travelers in big cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. It only makes sense to combine the rooftop lounge with the putting green! Installing a putting green as an excess amenity on a rooftop lounge area will keep guests entertained, encourage them to spend money on other services, attract new customers, repeat customers when previous guests reminisce about the good times they had while playing on the putting green on the rooftop lounge during their stay at your hotel and build brand loyalty and. They plan on installing a putting green not just on their property, on a rooftop lounge, but on their rooftop. But the coveted putting green isn't limited to the household. Pool, shuffleboard, the lounge will only be accessible by guests and will provide hours of entertainment with a putting green, lounge seating, a croquet, table tennis. It's now in high demand for installation by commercial enterprises as well The. The putting green is an superior way to add flair and entertainment to your backyard. And water and saves money on care, it keeps house guests entertained, looks beautiful. putting green is catching on particularly among hotel and luxury hotel owners. CT, one hotel in Greenwich, is the latest to step onto the cutting edge of hotel luxury.

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