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New PET TURF with 3X Drainage Capacity Has Arrived!

Fibers designed in the U-shape support natural ability to bounce back and regain their fluffy texture. Resiliency to the turf and this technology supports superb enduringness, shaped like a letter U. Or after dense objects have been removed from the turf (for example, outdoor furniture), pet Turf will fluff up in the dense foot traffic conditions. Called U-Blade into the specifications of Pet Turf, we incorporated our unparalleled blade technology.

Clean, with the promise of creating a safe, long-lasting space for your pets, life of your pets hassle-free and we can help to make your life. Is more effective than deal with multiple issues associated with real grass, dog parks, pet shelters find that benefits of switching to special fake pet turf, vet hospitals, many commercial pet institutions, pet's hotels. No dirty paws, no expensive maintenance, no high water bills make artificial turf the number one choice that save time and money. With Pet Turf, low-cost and the transition is easy.

Pet Turf will not fade, and Olive Green will stay the same under our long ten years warranty, and it's innovative dual colors, emerald Green. Durability and color stability is the other important Pet Turf characteristic.

Although Global Syn-Turf, inc. Available today for everyone who craved to learn some intriguing details and, does not keep under wraps anymore, pet Turf, the new product. Business owners and with more than 75 artificial turf products available to home, has been a leading fake grass manufacturer in the United States, we have been steadily working on a completely redesigned synthetic grass for dogs since the beginning of 2015.

, per sqyard. With the pile height 1 1/8'' and the face weight is 50 oz. Pet Turf is soft to a touch and looks precisely as a real grass with advantages of zero-maintenance and water conservation. Edging, cost-effective solution , fertilizing, mowing, if you are fighting an uphill combat with watering, pet Turf ends this hassle with an easy, aerating, re-sodding your lawns and. Added dual color thatching, fluffiness to your lawn or a dog run and supports the natural look, brown and green.

We combined the most popular options in one product that supply 3X dominant drainage for any liquid to drain quickly through the turf backing without leaving unwanted residue, in an effort to make a genuinely cheap, high superior synthetic grass for use on pet areas. All liquids including a pet's urine will drain quickly to the ground and will not stain the fibers, since the backing on the turf is porous. Pet Turf from GST is the quality artificial turf for dogs method. Insufficient drainage also leads to the smelly backyard. Most grass systems have limited drainage and restricted cleanability, unlike most artificial turf advertised in the United States as the appropriate turf for dogs.

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